A Look at Preventative Care

Preventative care is having a moment right now. In the era of changes in healthcare that we can’t control, it is comforting that preventative care has been a staple in healthcare for centuries upon centuries. Preventative care really has one goal in mind: for the everyday person to be healthy (whatever that means for them) every single day of their lives. It seems pretty simple, right? Not so fast! It’s wise for us patients to have some insight on whether or not our doctors are opting to take care of us in a way that truly empathizes with and gives choices to the patient, not just towing the line for the sake of not causing any extra waves.

Preventative care has been around since the 17th century (and probably before!) and way back then, it was subjected to backlash. Although, we can see that trend continue, we also see another emerging: patients taking the level of their own care in their own hands. We want to be protected. We want to be healthy, oftentimes on our own terms, whatever that means for the everyday person.

Are you wondering what preventive care really means? Its definition is care that is given to you for the sole purpose of ensuring that you aren’t susceptible to illnesses and diseases later on in your life, or before they make a presence in your body at all. There’s a lot of different practices that is considered preventative care, some that you wouldn’t even think of! Any time you get screened for high blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer, depression, you are receiving preventative care from your doctor. When you go in for a standard wellness visit, that is also an example, as is getting immunized for school. All of these measures are a privilege that is provided for us to ensure that we are able to operate at our absolute best.

The Affordable Care Act. which was introduced in 2010, changed a lot of things in the world of healthcare. Accessibility for one, financial freedom for another, and an overhaul of government assisted program Medicare that allowed patients, regardless where they fell on the financial spectrum to be able to make safe, important decisions in the name of health. It was a game-changer that helped many, many families.

Doctors do want the best for us, but sometimes it can get muddled in their requirements. In the same vein, we want the best for ourselves, but sometimes it can be heard to tell because we are muddled by stressors that seem to keep us captive. We have to create a push and pull with out healthcare allies to create the best possible outcome for ourselves. It’s our livelihoods at stake.

Dr. Socrates Perez is someone that you could see for your preventative care needs, such as receiving regular wellness check ups (blood pressure, cholesterol levels, BMI etc..), getting your immunization up to date and more healthcare measures that can help you become the best version of yourself you can be, for your family and most importantly for yourself! Call (239) 331-5114 to schedule your appointment today.